So I thought I would do a wee thing of the week that’s just been…

  1. I extended out my birthday, it was a week long affair because everyone needs to :) and I have included the best birthday wish from my bestie!
  2. Last week was the biggest write off for food… I ate some of the worst things BUT I’m not getting myself down about it, just learning that I went a little too mental and need to dial it back next time.
    But overall I did get given a couple of amazing treats; lemon meringue pie and beautiful homemade chocolate cupcakes!
  3. This week had a couple of spazzy selfies and me finding things I forgot I had in my wardrobe lol.
  4. Then I had an action packed weekend, everyone was breaking for summer so we headed to the casino, (hence the cute selfie of my man and I :D ) was an amazing and hilarious night!
  5. SUNDAY! I did my first 5km challenge, this was called Urban Assault! We headed 5km around the city climbed over 2 shipping containers, trucks, jumping through, under and over tyres and road blocks, carried sand bags and just overall died on a really hot morning! 

Well I must say I had fun! What to do next?!